HITRO.HR is upgraded through the e-Company service (on-line registration of a limited liability company).

The e-Company is  a HITRO.HR service that enables the electronic establishment of a limited liability company and a simple limited liability company with share capital in cash from any notary or HITRO.HR office in the Republic of Croatia at any of the commercial courts within 24 hours.

Advantages of using e-Company service:

  • Procedure shortened to 24 hours

  • Registration is enabled from any HITRO.HR or Public Notary office to any Court registry in Croatia

  • Access to the Court registry through a protected system,

  • Modern, secure, reliable technology solution,

  • Use of Advanced digital signature for authentication and encryption purpose,

  • Process control and automatisation speeds up the procedure and eliminates mistakes,

  • Documents received by the system are automatically saved into the Court’s digital case file,

  • Tracking of the cases in the system enables transparency,

  • A quality system is developed that can be further developed.