How to start a company?

Only four steps are required to establish a limited liability company through HITRO.HR.

In the process of starting a company, HITRO.HR staff will help you as an intermediary for delivering and collecting documents for company incorporation.

1. Company name availability check

First you must choose a name for your company. The staff of  HITRO.HR service can help you check the register to find out whether a company by the chosen or similar name already exists. Therefore, in addition to the selected company names it is recommended to prepare alternative names. When choosing the name for your company, use the court registry website.

IMPORTANT! Be aware of this when choosing a company name:

  • Company name must be clearly distinguished from the other names registered in the court registry, the identity or association with another company that violates the rights of intellectual and industrial property rights or rights of other people,

  • The word "Croatia" and its derivatives may be entered in the company only with the consent of the and State authorities,

  • Company name cannot contain names, logos, flags or other national emblems of other countries or international (intergovernmental) organization, nor official signs for control and quality guarantee,

  • Company name can hold a part of names of a person only with her consent, and if that person died, with the consent of heirs,

  • Company name must be in Croatian language and Latin script or in official language of Member State of European Union and Latin script, and may be used Arabic numerals.
    Other company components must be in the Croatian language and Latin script.

  • Company name can be translated into one or more languages and as such appear in the incorporation documents,

  • The court will refuse to register a name that are protected by other contravene legislation,

  • “the principle of priority” is applied, it means that the court will register that company name  that was previously reported (in the case of application of the same company name to the same register court).

2. Public notary

Documents necessary for company registration must be sealed by the Public notary. When paying a visit to a public notary, take your ID card or passport (required if you are a foreign national) with you. All founders and other persons whose signatures are to be verified must be present. For foreign national who don’t speak Croatian there must be court interpreter for the language present (Court Interpreters list).

3. Payment of fees and submission of documents

Registration documentation sealed by the Public notary can be submitted to the HITRO.HR. HITRO.HR can deliver documents for court registration and the National Bureau of Statistics for you. You can make the payment of court fees and the initial capital at HITRO.HR. At the HITRO.HR counter you will recive an RPS Form which you will have to fill out in order to obtain Registration by sector from the National Bureau of Statistics. All required forms and payment slips are available at HITRO.HR counters free of charge. Our staff will deliver and collect documents for you from the Court registry and National Bureau of Statistics. Once the registration is approved HITRO.HR staff will contact you in order to takeover the incorporation documents.

4. Company’s opening of an account

After registration is completed your company needs to open a business account so that the initial capital could be transferred into your company account.

IMPORTANT! After your company has been entered into the Court Register and the Register of the Central Bureau of Statistics, you must register your company with the relevant Tax Authority, whose jurisdiction is determined on the basis of your company’s seat.