How to start a craft business

You can obtain a Craft Business License at HITRO.HR counters set up at FINA's branches. You will receive all forms and information concerning the required documents and be able to handle most of the procedures required to start a craft business in one place.


  1. choosing the type of craft business,

  2. collecting the documents,

  3. submission of documents.

HITRO.HR acts as intermediary between clients and craft registration office.

Choosing the type of craft business

A craft business refers to independent and permanent performance of allowed economic activities by physical persons for the purpose of achieving profit through production, commerce or provision of services in the market.

A craft activity can also be performed by a company engaged in one or more activities provided it does it in a non-industrial manner.

Types of Craft Business:

  • Free - no vocational or master craftsman certificate required.
  • Qualified - vocational or master craftsman certificate required.
  • Privileged - a craftsman can run a privileged craft business only on the basis of a privilege issued by the relevant ministry depending on the type of craft activity.

Collecting the documents

All required forms are available at HITRO.HR counters free of charge. The employees of the HITRO.HR service will help you fill out the forms required for the registration of a craft business. All required payments can be made at FINA's branches. HITRO.HR can deliver craft documentation to the craft registration office.

Submission of documents

A physical person that meets the requirements for performing a craft activity will become a craftsman upon registration in the Register of Craft Businesses.

The Decision on Entry in the Register of Craft Businesses and the Craft Business License are collected at the HITRO.HR counter.
After you have received the Craft Business License, you must make an official stamp and open a business account.
You can arrange the making of the official stamp at the HITRO.HR counter.

After a business has been entered in the Register of Craft Businesses, a craftsman must start performing the registered craft activity within the period of one year and, no later than 8 days prior to the commencement of operations, they must submit a Notification of Commencement of Operations.

Within 8 days from the commencement of operations, a craft business must be registered with the Tax Authority, whose jurisdiction is determined on the basis of the registered address of the business, for the purpose of entering the craft business into the Register of Income Tax and VAT Payers.To be able to commence their operations, accommodation and food service providers, transporters and other craftsmen subject to special regulations prescribing the same must, prior to the commencement of operations, obtain a Decision on Minimum Technical Requirements concerning the place of operation, concession for the performance of activity or operating permit.
NOTE: Procedure of starting a craft business in different cities can differ in some steps. For any information, please contact the closest HITRO.HR office.