Persons exempt from the payment of the price for the trade license

Payments of the price for the trade license (payment of 200.00 HRK for the benefit of the State Budget) are exempt in the following cases:

  1. Natural persons who establish a craft in the areas covered by the provisions of the Act on the Areas of Special Concern of the State and the Islands Act.

  2. Natural persons included in the programs of Taking Care of the Homeland War Defenders, signed by the Ministry and other ministries, as well as the Croatian Employment Bureau, who are the defenders (according to the certificate issued by the Office for Defense, according to domicile), as well as the persons registered with the Employment Bureau older than 45 or having at least 20 years of professional experience (certificate issued by the Employment Bureau).

  3. Natural persons who, based on the Program for Employment, Incentives for the Development of SMEs and Prevention of Gray Economy in Tourism - "Incentives for Success", register a craft for the catering business provided in the accommodation facilities of the following type: hotels, Bed & Breakfast, apart-hotels or camps, having capacity not exceeding 40 persons or 20 apartments or 100 camping units.